Art and the Artists

FROM THE VISUAL ARTS                                               

To the memory of Nicolai Getman
The haunting paintings of Nikolai Getman represent the only pictorial documentation of the infamous Gulag work camps of the communist regime.  A survivor of the camps, Getman painted from the deep reservoir of his experiences, revealing not only a remarkable memory but a strength in his work born of his abiding faith in humanity and its ability to rise above its worst excesses.


 "The Preacher" Oil on canvas N.Getman

International Artists Natasha & Valery Cherkashin

A new art forged from dynamic changes of a new age informs the work of Natasha and Valery Cherkashin, offering fresh perspectives of social history, both made and in the making. Fusing photographs, newspapers and paintings, they reject former art principles to project satirical commentary, ideological parody, thrusting visual expression into previously unexplored dimensions.


International Artists Natasha and Valery Cherkashin
A new art forged from dynamic changes of a new


The Sculpture of Peter Shapiro                 Born in the Soviet Union of a Russian father and an American mother, Peter Shapiro has created sculpture that transcends the dual cultures of his parentage and speaks to the universality of art. His portraitures in bronze and clay capture the inner spirit that moves his subjects to the forefront of their fields, as evident in his remarkable rendering of Sakharov.


"Academician A.Sakharov" 1989    

Irina Belyakova’s Spiritual Art
The luminous icons of Irina Belyakova grace institutions and private collections all over the world. A native of Russia, a master iconographer and specialist restorer of art and artifacts, her work is prominent in Washington, DC and can be found in the city’s National Cathedral, the Russian Embassy, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, and the Russian Orthodox Cathedral.






 Luba Sterlikova's Sensual Garden                                     With work exhibited and collected in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Luba Sterlikova has established an international presence.  Frequently compared to the work of Georgia O'Keefe, Luba's art is distinctive in its own right though a blend of delicacy and assertiveness that fascinates the viewer.  Luba achieves this  refined balance using oil pastel, exploring the medium and eliciting its response to her consummate talent. 
Luba Art video  



  Pianist Victor Prudhovsky
Victor Prudhovsky has performed, written and arranged music for TV, theater, and radio. His versatile talent has been in demand in Europe, the U.S., Asia and Africa, winning him jazz competitions and featuring him as accompanist to such classical productions as the Kirov Academy of Ballet. Born and educated in Moscow, he brings an authenticity to the music he has written for Russia Today, contributing to its distinctive quality.

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Bill Semanek’s Music
Composer, arranger Bill Semanek has fused influences from Pink Floyd to John Philip Sousa in his uniquely blended new age sound. Originally a drummer and brass musician with the U.S. Air Force Band, he has incorporated into many of his melodies a steady, measured quality that makes lyrical tones resonate with images of Russia. His music has been heard on NBC’s Dateline and provides Russia Today its signature sound.
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Operatic Singing of Zourab Tsiskarize

One of Washington’s brightest operatic singers, Zourab Tsiskarize made his American debut at Opera Camerata’s Iolanta in Washington, DC. He has sung in over two dozen roles, including Eugene Onegin, Rigoletto, Othello’s Iago and La Triviata’s elder Germont. Formerly lead baritone for the Georgia State Opera in the FSU, he has performed at the Bolshoi Theater and at premier opera houses in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Iceland, Australia, Argentina and Brazil.

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Dmitry Lutsev- piano
M.A.Prize winner of the international and national competitions
Member of the Russsian Academy of music, Moscow
CD: Debussy "Sounds and smells soar in evening air"
CD: Nocturnes "Golden Collection"
Gradiate of Gnesin's Russain Academy of musicz


  Valentin Fetisoff’s Romantic Singing
Valentin Fetisoff sings authentic romantic Russian and Ukranian songs in his vibrant baritone voice. He has delighted audiences at the U.S. State Department, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington and the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, FL. A native of Kharkov, Russia who was educated in the U.S., he has promoted Russian musical performances by establishing professional groups such as the Russian Mixed Chorus.

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  Musical Compositions of Marine Ambartsumian
With nine years teaching art history, languages and humanities courses in Armenia, as well as lecturing in Moscow and the U.S., Marine Ambartsumian’s musical compositions arise within both an artistic and academic background. Her albums, Run Away, My Poplars and Stone Rain, recorded under her stage name of Ales Marine, have been heard on major networks both in the U.S. and Armenia.

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